February 2014...almost caught up

February was pretty low key...thankfully since I still felt I was recovering from the holidays and the end of my first Term of my Master's degree.

We started off by experiencing Tepanyaki for the first time with some friends while we helped them celebrate their cute daughters 7th birthday. It was delicious and fun! Claire and Talmage were momentarily traumatized by the huge burst of fire as the cook lit the stove, but the rest was just fun!

Claire picked the blue ice cream and ended up looking like Grandma Nae at her birthday party. She thought it was funny for these pictures, but later when it wouldn't wash off, she lost her sense of humor...(but Tyson and I didn't).

I hosted a little baby shower for my dear friend Katie who was expecting her first little bundle of joy!  We ate some fattening Chinese food from Asian Star and gorged ourselves on homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce.
(Sadly this is the only picture that I took. We sent Alisa this picture since she couldn't be with us and to cheer her up as she was living in the middle of a winter vortex in Michigan).

Talmage was experiencing #2 of what ended up being 3 consecutive ear infections so we enjoyed a lot of snuggling at the expense of his suffering.  Poor guy just took one health hit after another from January through March.

 His ear infections would advance to eye infections that then excoriated and chapped his little cheek. He looked pitiful!

The kids managed to have some fun and bonding in between Talmage's sicknesses and even helped with the chores.

On a funny note, every time we go to Old Navy, Claire has to say high to "the other Claire with brown skin". She goes up to her and hugs her and greets her like a long lost friend. So cute and kinda creepy. I mean she hasn't even seen a episode of Today's Special. Maybe this is a sign I need to start doing some play dates for her. :)

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