Reunions, Conferences and Pioneer Celebrations

A Titan Reunion

We have arrived...well at least Tyson has. He can officially say he has been out of school longer than he was in school. We attended his 20 year high school reunion a few weeks ago. It was fun...ish! Luckily there were a few people I knew to visit with and then I just sat back and listened while people walked down memory lane and told stories. Tyson was fortunate enough to fall in the category of people who "time has been kind to," or who "looked just about the same." I think he reveled in that fact for a few days (I don't blame him). There was all sorts of fun like music from 1993, dancing, and even a fashion show with clothes from the year they graduated. I guess plaid button ups were the thing. Of course there was some slightly tipsy people who kept us entertained with their antics. The highlight of my night...being asked by another girl that I didn't even know if I wanted to accompany her to the bathroom...like the good old high school days.

I attended the annual Academic Conference for my work a few weeks ago. It is fun to get out of my home office and mingle with co-workers at least once a year. The meetings were good but a bit long. The highlight of the meetings for me was the keynote speaker they had on the last day. He is a artist and business strategist that helps companies more or less think outside the box and retrain their employees to Unthink their strategies to help build the company. His name was Erik Wahl and he was excellent. He painted these pictures during his presentation and it was amazing to watch. He definitely left me feeling motivated and thinking a little differently about my job.

Fun at the Drive-in

We had a fun time with my niece and her kids at our kids first drive-in movie experience.  We saw Dispicable Me 2 and then the kids slept in the back of the man for the 2nd movie. They absolutely loved it. They piled in my niece's truck and at junk food and lounged in the jammies. We decided it was fun but the late night did not produce the sleeping in the next day we had hoped for.

Pioneer Day Celebrations

We started gearing up for Pioneer Day by going with the Primary to the Church History Museum on the Saturday before the 24th. The kids did pretty well. Ava loved asking about different tool and clothing items and Claire loved the kids play area. I loved all the detail that the Pioneers put into everything that they did. Their furniture, clothes, home, and buildings have so much intrict detail. They were much more patient and dedicated people. I wish we (as a society) took more pride and put more energy into our work. There was so much to see and do...we will definitely be going back.

Then on Sunday the Primary Presidency put on a great sharing time for the kids. They churned butter, pulled hand carts and learned more about how Pioneers lived and the amazing people that they were. Ava can tell me quite a bit now. I love my village and how they help me teach my child.

On Pioneer Day we actually broke a long standing tradition by not going to the days of 47 Parade. I regret it now, but we tried to watch a little of it on the television. Parades are way better in person. We ended up doing a picnic lunch at my mothers house and having some water fun with my niece's kids.
Talmage loved the little shooting water at the end of the slip and slide and enjoyed his first ever popsicle. He even had his first mini tantrum when it was all gone. We had lots of fun in the sun.

That night, we had some pizza with the Ramsey's (great friends and neighbors) and some root beer floats with homemade vanilla ice cream and home made root beer. When it got dusk we lit off some fire works. It was a lot of fun and we are definitely glad to have such great friends.

 P.S. Ava is still very afraid of the fireworks ever since the haywire firework on the 4th that shot at us spectators and burned part of a blanket so she enjoyed her vantage point from the back row. She wouldn't even do a sparkler.


Funny Girl

 Look at the cheeky girl!
After writing yesterday about my funny conversation with Ava, I started thinking about other funny things she has said and there was one in particular that I wanted to document.

When Ava was two and a half she was too smart for her own good and could be a little obstinate at times.  She was also quite the candy junky. One morning she asked for some candy first thing and I told her "No, but you can have some breakfast." She proceeded to get very angry and argue that she didn't like breakfast. I again insisted that she did like breakfast and she got a very mean look at went to take a swing at my legs. I moved and avoided the blow and looked at her sternly and said, "Don't you hit mommy." She didn't even skip a beat. Her quick response was,
"I was just trying to give you a high five."

Tyson and I looked at each other in shock and then broke out in laughter. We couldn't even keep a straight face to discipline her. She just got a smirk on her face like she knew she had outsmarted us. Over the years, we have had many moments like this with Ava.  We giggle because it always brings back this memory.
She should be a lawyer when she grows up because she is quick at the verbal draw and she can bend the truth a little.

A Mother in Training

Sometimes I get a glimpse of the mother I am, the good and the bad.
This was my conversation with my 6 year old this morning.

A: Mom, I am learning everything that I need to know about being a mom from you.

M: Really. What are you learning?

A: Like that you say no to treats before breakfast. You say no to treats before lunch and you say no to treats before dinner. And you sometimes say no to getting a gum from those machines at the store.

M: That is nice. Do I say no a lot?
A: Well I said you sometimes say no to the gum balls.
M: What do I say yes to?
{Long pause of silence while she contemplated and scratched her head with a grin}
A: Well you also tell Talmage what a cute baby he is.
Thanks for throwing me a bone Ava! I guess she had to change the subject since she couldn't think of anything that I say "yes" to. Let me also remind you that on my Mother's Day questionnaire that she did at church she answered the question "What do you hear your mother say the most" she answered, 
"No Ava, don't do that."  Should I have a complex? Am I constantly a party pooper? Well I guess when she asks me tomorrow for candy before breakfast, I need to leave the "no" out and say something like "Well you CAN have some cereal." On a redeeming note: she does tell me constantly that she loves that I am a nurse and I know just what to do when she is hurt. I score at least one point for that!


Our Lazy Summer Days

The Positives

Laying in the shade on a quilt on the lawn at Grandma's house.

Endless time riding a bike

Eating ice cream

Looking like a rag-a-muffin 90% of the time

Lazy Saturday mornings cuddling with dad

Baths to wash the "outdoor" smell off

And pedicures with friends to make our toes pretty in our sandals


Summer cold that progress to ear infections = 3 kids on antibiotics for 
Right Ear Infections

Oh and then they share their germs = Daddy has a right ear infection too! {Sad Face}


The Week of the 4th of July

My sister visited over the week of the 4th and there was nonstop fun going on.

We had a fun family BBQ and got to see some cousins and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Mick who we haven't seen in a long time...too long. It was so fun to visit. We then did our traditional canyon breakfast for dinner up Millcreek Canyon. There was great food and great family to be with. The small kids love to explore the picnic ground and go hunting for treasures.

Tanille, Lexy and I hit a late night movie one night and all drooled over Henry Cavill in Man of Steel.
Lexy found herself a great boyfriend, except that he wears tights and a cape.

 Oh Henry!

We had a great time taking the kids bowling and getting some froyo.

On the 3rd of July we went to the Peterson's neighborhood party. Their was great treats and great neighbors to visit with. Tyson made lemon and cookies and cream ice cream. When it got dark we enjoyed a wonderful  firework show. Tyson went to the annual guys movie night after the festivities. Thanks heavens they always see a movie that I have no desire to see so I don't have to get dragged to go to it later.

 Ava and her friend Taryn. From behind they look like they could be twins.

Dave Southam always brings his cook truck and blasts some tunes. The kids made it an impromptu dance party.

While Tyson was at the movie, my sister and nieces came over for a late night session of giggling, treats and Phase 10. I should have got pictures but we were all too giddy. We shared funny stories and gained some knowledge that can later be used for blackmail. Good thing we are family!

On the 4th we did a little shopping, lunch at Johnny Rockets and ended at my niece's house for some fire works. Talmage had come down with a bad cold and so we made an early exit to get our overtired children to bed.

My sister and my baby! Love them!

Oh and one last noteworthy thing to remember. We had weird torrential rains this week and our basement toy room flooded. Luckily we got things cleaned up pretty quick and only had to rent some industrial fans to dry things out. Oh and we got some new rain gutters so it doesn't happen again.