Seven Month Old Honey Boy

 Oh I failed at the blog thing this last month and the beginning of this month. It has been unusually busy and I have been recovering from both a sickness and a injury (which I will address in a later post).

Back to the subject on hand...Talminator! He turned seven months old at the beginning of this month. He went through a growth spurt (which of course seemed to happen while Tyson and I were in Hawaii). We came back from out trip to find a noticeably longer and chubbier little man. He is so fun and interactive these days. We just can't get enough of his antics!!!
Here are a few things he is up to these days:
1. He just laughs and squeals all day at his sisters and everything little thing they do. When they get hyper and riled up he does too and he almost splits a gasket with laughter.

2. He has started trying to maul me back. When I kiss him and maul his little cheeks he gives me that look of "Your going to get it!" and he tries to bite my chin and cheeks.  I love it!
3. He is still my best snuggler and I am so glad he hasn't outgrown it.  He does have to pop his head up to look around and make sure he isn't missing anything, but he loves to lay his head on my shoulder and bury his face in my neck.

4. He sits in his walker and jabbers. He gets so loud. His favorite jabber word is "Da da da da".

5. He big beautiful sparkly blue eyes. He constant smile and happy mood shows through his eyes.
6. He loves his bouncer thing-a-madoodle! He squeals and giggles and gets some serious air.

7. He has started swinging at grandma's house. He holds the two ropes and just bursts with excitement.

8. He loves the wind. He is my first child to not be terrified of the wind taking his breath away.  After a big gust of wind hits his face, he blinks, kicks his legs with excitement and then just belly laughs. We all end up laughing at his cute reaction.
9. He is not sitting up on his own yet. It is cute, but he isn't getting it at all. He is bottom heavy, but it doesn't seem to help him balance any better.  We are still working on that.

10. He is eating rice cereal and baby food 3 times a day now. He loves squash, sweet potatoes, green beans and pears. He like carrots, peas, prunes, applesauce and bananas. He is getting the hang of it finally and it is a lot less messy.

11. He really is a expert binky wrangler. He already can find and put his binky back in his mouth when he wakes in the night. The other morning I found him with a binky in his mouth and one in his hand. He found all that were in his bed. He loves his binky!

12. He is talented at rocking his carseat. As he waits patiently strapped into his carseat for us ladies to get ourselves together to leave somewhere, he just starts moving his legs rhythmically to rock his carseat like a rocking chair.

He is my Handsome Little Man!!