Playing Catch Up....Wrapping Up September

 September came and went so fast. We struggled to get into the routine of school, homework, lessons and life in general. I got a little behind on our blog because it was a struggle to keep the day to day things up. But since the year is almost over and one of my goals related to our family theme of "I can do Hard Things" is to keep family record, I have to persist! 
So here is a quick catch up.

Claire is loving dance. But honestly the highlight of her Wednesdays is when Grandpa takes her to dance. She loves her grandpa and there is nothing cuter than a girl and her grandpa headed to dance!

In preparation of Talminator's upcoming birthday, we worked really hard on getting him to hold up one finger when you asked him how old he was. He finally got it, but he was a stinker when I tried to get a good picture.

Also Ava started piano lessons at the end of September. She is taking from one of Tyson's friends from high school's wife. She loves it but when she is home she only wants to play "original" songs (her words exactly).

We ended September with some really great sunsets. Nothing like a great sunset to remind me how amazing all God's creations are.

Last but not least, (at least in my husbands opinion) we ended September with our first snowfall in the mountains. This is better than Christmas morning to Tyson.